Welcome to 1/2 with Miss Pearce!

How do we learn?

In the 1/2 class we value the inquiry approach to learning and empower our students to continue their journey in becoming lifelong learners through developing their learning asset skills as thinkers, researchers, collaborators, communicators and self-managers (https://www.kathmurdoch.com.au/).


Weekly Timetable

We begin each day with a Morning Meeting, followed by a range of learning experiences that involve revising, building on and extending our growing development in Literacy and Numeracy.  We also engage in Mindfulness and Daily Fitness opportunities led by our Year 6 Leaders.  In the 1/2 Class our educators are passionate about integrating the core learning areas of the Australian Curriculum into authentic, child centred learning opportunities that are meaningful and relevant to each students' needs, interests, strengths and abilities.  Below is a summary of the specialised areas our students look forward to each week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Humanities and Social Science (HASS) Inquiries
  • Visual Art Inquiries 
  • Grow Your Mind
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Science Inquiries
  • Library
  • Student Led Learning News & Celebrations (for School Newsletter)
  • Personal Inquiry projects
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Music

What might learning look like?

Please see link below for an overview.  

The Australian Curriculum:  Information for Parents and Carers of Students in Years 1-2