Welcome to Swansea Primary School

Swansea Primary is a small rural school, situated in a very picturesque coastal setting in Swansea on the East Coast of Tasmania. Our historic school was first established in 1860 (now The East Coast Heritage Museum) and moved to its present site in 1921. It has a long history of educating local children and we are proud of the successes that students from our school experience in their future. The school was an area school and then became a primary school in 1975. This year we are celebrating 100 years on the current site, 25 Franklin Street, Swansea. 

Swansea Primary is a birth to grade 6 school. We have our Launching into Learning program, a Kindergarten,  Prep/1,  Grade 2/3 and a 4/5/6 class.

Students have opportunities for leadership roles and student voice is encouraged. Our SRC and House Captains are elected and help to lead the student body by organising events and fundraisers, facilitaing daily PE and hosting our sports carnivals and school assemblies. With no secondary school in the town we place a great priority in preparing students for their transition to high school, wherever that may be.

We have a strong music program, offering class music, guitar, Grade 6 school band and choir.

A highlight of the school calendar this year is our Heritage Fete and 100th Birthday celebration, to be held on our school grounds on Wednesday 31st March. 

Our School Vision - Working together to grow through quality teaching and learning.

Our Mission at Swansea Primary School is related to our collective DoE values of courage, aspiration, growth and respect. At SPS we:

Promote aspiration by setting high expectations and encourage life-long learning.

GROWTH - Nurture growth by reflecting on the progress of our learning and planning for improvement.

COURAGE - Develop courage by building resilience and embracing a growth mindset. 

Show respect by fostering positive relationships and valuing differences.

Our School motto is: SPS - "Strive, Persevere, Succeed".

We warmly welcome you to visit us for a tour anytime.

Kristy Hay


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25 Franklin Street
Swansea TAS 7190

Phone: 03 6257 8126