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Coronavirus- Term Two Learning Mode form for parents carers


TERM 2 2020 'ONLINE'


LEARNING AT HOME PACKS 2-4pm tomorrow!

LEARNING AT HOME PACKS to be collected between 2-4pm tomorrow!

They'll be worth the wait - PROMISE!

Learning at Home Packs


This magnificent group of people are working hard to do everything they can to support your child’s learning. Please pop in anytime on Friday to collect a ‘Learning at Home’ pack, an instrument or a suitable device (if you don’t have one), and your child’s Term 1 Progress Report! Please remember next week is a student free week and alternative arrangements will need to be made for your child. Lady Gowrie Swansea will begin vacation care a week early. Thank you everyone! #stayconnected #downloadzoom #canvasherewecome



March 27 Newsletter

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School Levy Relief for 2020

Dear Families,

School Levy Relief for 2020

I am writing to you to let you know that the Tasmanian Government has announced there will be school levy relief for all parents/carers in Tasmanian Government schools.

What does this mean for you?

If you have paid the 2020 school levy payments you will be reimbursed directly from the Department of Education.

If you had not yet paid your child’s levy payment you will not be required to do so.  Similarly, if you are making instalment payments these can now stop.

The Department of Education will be aiming to have the majority of refunds provided to parents by the end of April with any balance shortly thereafter.  The refunds will be provided via a cheque delivered in the post.

Any payments related to activities, camps, interstate or overseas trips will continue to be reimbursed, if this has not already occurred.

This process will be managed directly between the Department of Education with parents and carers. We ask that you do not contact the school office in regards to this matter, in this current climate our school staff are under enormous pressure to look after the wellbeing of staff and students.

I also wanted to assure you that this will not have an impact on the funding that is available for our school.

We realise that many families are feeling worried and have been effected greatly by COVID-19. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to look after our school community.

Best wishes,

Mrs Kristy Hay

UPDATE - COVID-19 School Holidays Brought Forward

Please find below the most recent letter from the Minister of Education & Training outling the plan to bring the school holidays forward. Week 10, Easter week, from the 6th to 9th April will be pupil free.  Please know, I am here if you need to talk and know that I am passing on the information I receive as promptly as I can.  I will continue to keep you updated with any news should it become available. 


Best wishes,

Mrs Kristy Hay


ICT at Home Survey

Learning at Home

Wednesday 25 March 2020




Dear Families,


The staff and students here at Swansea Primary School have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the event of a School closure as a result of COVID-19.  All DoE schools across Tasmania are following the recommendations provided by from the Minister for Education and developing online learning platforms for students.  Our teachers will also be providing worksheets, a daily organiser model/timetable suggestions and quality resources they are currently already using in class.  The DoE have provided resources to support both offline and online learning and I encourage parents to access the following:

(Please note any underlined words will take you directly to the resource if this letter is viewed online)


ABC Education

The ABC has a wealth of curriculum-aligned digital content that can be viewed, downloaded and used at home. Go to ABC Education.

For those without internet access you could work from the free to air TV schedule. View the Term 1 2020 Schedule.

ABC TV Education brings you free educational resources for Primary and Secondary students with thousands of videos, games and programs.

Education Websites

Useful websites for parents

Australian Curriculum Site

Educational videos

  • Khan Academy have put together template schedules to support schools during closures.
  • Wootube – Access Eddie Woo’s mathematics tutorials and worksheets

General support – ideas and activities for students

Early Childhood Education




Ideas for writing

Online books


Sample tasks and inquiry questions

Offline activities are being developed and curated to support Tasmanian teachers with engaging students in learning at home.  These learning activities can be communicated to families via avenues that best suit their school context e.g. the school newsletter, the school social media account, email, text, or postal mail.

Go to Offline Activities padlet to access this building resource.

Please note, that if you have decided to keep you child/children at home at this time, it is your right and there will be no sanction put in place.  The absence will be marked as an explained absence.


Please stay safe and look after each other at this anxious time.  Along with all of the teachers here, I look forward to receiving emails/updates/photos and of any learning taking place at home.


Our email addresses are:



3456 (HPE)



Kristy Hay



25 Franklin Street
Swansea TAS 7190

Phone: 03 6257 8126