SPS Music Program 2020

Term 1


During music time the Kinder/Preps will begin to develop their aural skills by exploring and imitating sounds, pitch and rhythm patterns using voice, movement and body percussion.  Musical concepts and sounds they will begin to investigate will include sound/silence, fast/slow, long/short, high/low, loud/soft and happy/sad.  



This term students will begin to explore the ukulele.  Their learning will be guided by Susie and Phil’s Black Belt Ukulele learning program.  Our first goals for music this term will be to develop safe and respectful group playing skills and expectations whilst exploring the history, parts and strings of the ukulele.  We will also be investigating the role ukuleles play in our local community and exploring the possibility of building a partnership with local musicians who enjoy the instrument as much as we do at Swansea Primary!   



Music in our local community will be the focus for our learning this term.  In particular we will be unpacking the roles of local artists, their music and how they use the Elements of Music as a tool for communicating meaning with a range of audiences.  Students will be applying this knowledge to their own performances and evaluating the use of The Elements of Music in both the artworks they make and observe.


Term 1 Focus Groups

Rather than trying to squeeze Guitar Ensemble, Rock Band and Choir into our afternoon session each week, we have decided to trial a Focus Group system.  Our Focus Groups will change each term depending on our whole school priorities.  Focus Groups may be individual, small group or whole class depending on the learning goal of the session each week.  Students will still get the opportunity to work with ‘band’ instruments and participate in guitar workshops throughout the year however this will depend on the focus of the group sessions.  This term we will spend our Focus Group time working towards the following exciting performance opportunities:  

  • School Fair
  • May Shaw Easter Concert
  • Swansea Town Pop-up Performers.

 Kate Pearce

Music Specialist and K/P Classroom Teacher


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Phone: 03 6257 8126