Kinder / Prep

Kinder/Prep Term 1 Overview

The curriculum frameworks we base our learning programs on are a combination of both the Australian Curriculum and Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF).     

In the Kinder/Prep Class we value inquiry and play based learning because we believe that in order for any learning to be meaningful to a child, it needs to be led by the child, build on their current strengths and interests and offer a range of ways that they can express and share their ideas and learning. 



The big idea we will begin to explore this term as part of our HaSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) program is identity.  Our guiding question will be “is everyone unique?”  The purpose of this inquiry is to provide our children with an opportunity to think about how they might be similar to and different from their classmates and reflect on how this might impact on their daily lives within the classroom community.  Our Science Inquiry will focus on the living things in our local environment.     

Whilst all of our inquiries and play-based learning times aim to integrate all students and subjects of the curriculum in an age appropriate manner, we have still timetabled in daily literacy and numeracy lessons to cover the skills and understanding listed below. 



Kinder Program – Based on PreLit (an early literacy preparation program) 

  • Types of words (written/spoken, long/short)
  • Syllables, rhyming, alliteration
  • Formal introduction to letters and the following sounds: /m/, /s/, /t/

Prep Program – Based on InitiaLit (a complete whole-class literacy program)

  • Revise concepts of words, rhyme and syllables
  • Sounds and handwriting focus: m, s, t, a, p, I, f,, r
  • How to read a word

*Families can support their children by developing the routine of reading a range of books with their child(ren) every day.  The school’s home reading program will begin in week 5 for Prep students and in Term 2 for Kinders.  Families can also support their child by helping them to master writing their full name.  



Numbers and Measurement Inquiries

Guiding Questions

  • What is a number? How can it be represented? 
  • How old am I and how do I know?
  • How tall am I and how do I know?
  • Who is the shortest in my family? Who is the tallest? 

Kinders: exploring numbers up to 5.

Preps:  understanding numbers up to 10


*Families can support their child(ren) by pointing and counting objects slowly and carefully (e.g. shells collected at the beach), including their child in cooking, helping children to write numbers and singing number-based nursery rhymes.      



For our K/P students to:

  • establish a positive morning routine when arriving at school
  • join in with classroom activities
  • follow daily classroom routines and expectations
  • begin to recognize and express emotions

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