Grade 4,5,6

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Grade 4/5/6

Term 1 - 2020

Welcome back to school and to what is going to be a wonderful year of learning together!

Grade 6 leadership positions will be filled in the first two weeks, (Sports Captains and Student Representatives) so start thinking about what makes a good leader – this will help make decisions about who to vote for, or how to promote yourself as a good leader in a speech that will get you some votes! 

What are we doing this term?

History and Social Sciences.

Citizenship – How can I contribute to my school?

Explore what it means to be a good learner and how to build leadership skills.

Geography - What makes the places in our world special?

Explore places and how they are managed; local, state, national and global.


Science and Technology

Machines – help or hindrance?

Explore simple and compound machines…and work in a group to make your own!



Reading – We love reading and sharing what we’ve read in the 4/5/6 class! Mrs Wilson reads books to the class, there is individual reading for enjoyment, buddy reading with a partner or younger students, reading aloud to an adult, guided reading with a teacher, fact finding challenges and research…as well as the expectation that all students will be reading at home – there are books in the class that can be taken home and books can be borrowed or ordered in to the library.

Writing – Writing for authentic purposes – which may include entering some competitions!

Different genres will be covered, particularly narrative and persuasive in term 1.  Learn to use fabulous techniques to make writing interesting, and edit work to take it to the next level!


Spelling – Words from individual writing or current topic vocabulary. Also, work with a group to learn spelling patterns and rules.


Speaking and Listening – Regular opportunities for contributing to discussions and presenting as a group.  Asking questions is encouraged!


Money – Spent all your pocket money over the holidays? We’ll explore number and decimals, problem solving and financial planning.

Mathletics  - Reinforce topics we have been learning in class with Mathletics.  Finish all the set activities and move onto speed math challenges!  Work from home to catch up and practice challenging topics.

Topics - Small groups – work constructively together to solve problems, learn new strategies and explore with hands on activities and written methods.

General Capabilities

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