Grade 1,2,3

Semester 1

What’s on in Grade 1/2/3

Welcome to Grade 1/2/3! We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. We have lots of new faces in our class this year and are excited to welcome new and returning families to our school. A snapshot of the areas we are covering during Term 1 and Term 2 are listed below.


Our core focus areas are Time, Money and Shape (with a year long focus on Number). The topic of Time offers a wonderful opportunity for parents to support their children’s learning with clocks and watches at home (both analogue and digital). The expectation by the end of Grade 1 will be that students can tell the time to the half hour. The Grade 2 expectation is to be able to tell the time to the quarter hour and for the Grade 3 students will be learning to tell the time to the minute. 


In literacy we are supporting students to communicate in a variety of ways by exploring different uses of language, the structure of text, expressing ideas, word knowledge and literature. We will continue to use the Initia-Lit program, which teaches children how to read and spell through regular lessons, using research-based teaching methods. It also uses a range of engaging storybooks to develop children’s vocabulary and oral language.

To support your child at home with reading we have a new take home reading journal that acknowledges the importance of not only reading, but also being read to. Please read the accompanying letter which will be sent home in your child’s reading folder.     


During Terms 1 and 2 our science lessons will focus on the physical sciences (force and motion, matter and energy). We will be participating in inquiries about light and sound, push and pull and heat. Students will be developing their skills in questioning, predicting, planning and conducting experiments, analysing data and evaluating their learning experiences.

HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences)

For our class, HASS covers History, Geography and Civics and Citizenship. Our focus for this semester one and two will be looking at our local area from the past to the present and making predictions for the future.


Social/ Personal Capabilities

We are looking to familiarise ourselves with the classrooms routines, expectations and building relationships with our classmates. We will be promoting understandings of

  • who we are as individuals,
  • how we can make positive contributions as part of a team,
  • appropriate ways to express emotions,
  • independent work habits, and
  • confidence and resilience.

Topic Talks

‘Topic Talks’ is aimed toward building the oral language skills of all students. The timetable of the topics links to our current Science and HASS (History and Social Sciences) inquiries, hopefully prompting further areas for investigation. Each student will be given five minutes to share their information or artefacts. A printed copy will be sent home in the reading folder. Please keep in mind, we like to be flexible and able to incorporate student interests and current topical issues.


Parent help is always valued and encouraged in our School. Please come and see us if you are interested and available to help in our classroom.

25 Franklin Street
Swansea TAS 7190

Phone: 03 6257 8126